Thursday, March 25, 2010


Chris is playing football. Not the football that you would think, but soccer. Some of the parents from Taylors soccer team decided to join the Adult league. His first game was this week and it was a lot of fun. He managed to not get hurt so that is a good thing! Go Shamrock Rovers!

Marbles Earned

Most of you know about Chloe and her blanket. She refused to leave the house without it and if you forgot it, you would be goin home to get it. It has patches and holes but she loves it. In an attempt to get her to leave it at home and only use it to sleep with we came up with an idea. Every time she left it at home she got a marble in a jar. When the jar was full she would get to go to Build A Bear. She did it! She is such a big girl. There were many tears cried but the blanket now stays inside and she is not quite as attached.....note the color of the bear

Costa Rica

Ok - so I am a little behind! We went to Costa Rica in February for 10 fabulous days. It was a bit of a cultural shock and first but we adjusted and had a great time. We stayed with Chris's Uncle Luis and Aunt Lenor for the first couple of days. We went to the Rain Forest and toured the city of San Jose. Then we stayed at the Marriott (near Jaco) on the beach for the rest of the trip. It was beautiful! We saw a lot of iguanas, some crocodiles, monkeys, toucan's, frogs and snakes. The beaches were mostly black sand from the volcano's.

Grandma Nayu came with us and was a big help with the girls. They stayed in and order pancakes for dinner a couple of nights so Chris and I could go out.

Chris, Taylor, Carley and I all went zip lining. There were 14 platforms so it took an hour or so but it was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time in the pool just relaxing. The best part about our trip was our PHONES DIDN'T WORK!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Both Carley and Chloe had cute school Christmas programs where they sang a lot of songs and a surprise visitor came at the end.....SANTA! Chloe asked for a ZHU ZHU pet and Carley asked for a reindeer webkinz. Then on Saturday they got to visit again with Santa at the Ward Christmas Party. Cousin Ryker joined them and they all had a great time. 4 more days till Christmas.....Santa please come!

Monday, December 7, 2009

In Memory of Grandma

Grandma Mitchell Pop passed away peacefully on Sunday November 29th. She had recently suffered a stroke which left her not being able to speak. It was heart breaking to visit her as she got so frustrated with the situation. At the funeral they asked the Grandchildren to tell some of their memories, here is what I came up with

"My memories of Grandma always included Pop. In the later years she was his everything - or should I say he was her everything. Pop was her chauffeur, her personal chef her maid but most of all her sweetheart. It only took us a few years after pop had died to figure out why he never fixed his hearing aid. Grandma loved to chit chat and he would have never had a silent moment or got a word in edgewise.

There were a few things you could always count on when you went to visit Pop and Grandma
**A trip to the cookie jar filled with vanilla creme cookies
** A glass of milk with dinner
**The house being nice and toasty
**Pickles in the fridge and oat bran in the drawer
**The TV on as loud as could be
**A fresh coat of paint.....somewhere
**The swing on the clothesline or a climb up the apple tree
but most of all you could always count on a smile and a hug right when you walked in the door.

The day my dad died, a piece of Grandma died too. Oh how she missed him and Pop. One has to believe that last Sunday was one of the happiest days of Grandmas life. A day filled with many sweet reunions. Though she will be missed she is finally back where she needs to be. Grandma - today a piece of us will go with you until we meet again."

The great grandchildren also sang "Grandmother" from the primary song book.

All of the Grandchildren were there to say goodbye to a wonderful lady. I will miss you Grandma!

Love Toni

Chilly Halloween

The Gang

Trailor Trash Chris

Genie Carley

Ladybug Chlore

Witch Taylor

We decided to head North for the holiday this year. We had a really good time at Grandma Char's house. We went trick or treating with Dani and Trax and it got a little chilly. We took the kids on a haunted hayride in Enoch and they didn't care for it much. Chloe hid under her blanket and Carley was crying. Trax was in awe from all of the tractors. We also had an opportunity to go the the SUU soccer game and football game.

Move over Faith

For my Birthday this year Chris bought me Tim McGraw tickets. There is just something about Tim in his tight pants and cowboy hat that a girl can't resist. The concert was outdoors at the M Resort. We couldn't have asked for better weather.